REAL NAME: Warren Worthington III

1st APPEARANCE: The X-Men #1 (1963)

BIO: After years as a devoted X-Man, Warren's life was saved by the ancient mutant Apocalypse, in exchange for becoming one of his Horsemen. Angel was subjected to a series of techno-organic enhancements, and became Archangel, the harbinger of death. Warren would eventually join Wolverine's X-Force team in order to learn to control the vast destructive powers and darker personality brought on by the transformation.

STATUS: When X-Force traveled to the year 2973 in order to save Cable and the Mutant Messiah from a trap laid by Bishop, Warren was beckoned by an aged Apocalypse, who lay deposed and dying in a cave, and was faced with a choice: leave his archenemy to die, or salvage his inner Angel by saving the tyrant's life...

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