1st APPEARANCE: X-Men Legacy #236 (2010)

BIO: During the second coming event, Bastion entrapped the inhabitants of Utopia within a dome of impenetrable energy, and opened a wormhole to the future within its confines. The wormhole was linked to a Master Mold mass-producing an endless stream of Nimrods. The deadly Sentinels laid seige to Utopia, until a small team managed to travel into the future and shut down the Master Mold.

STATUS: Nimrod is a hightly evolved, virtually indestructable Sentinel from a future in which Sentinels rule the world. Boasting insane strength, advanced energy weaponry, shapeshifting technology, and the ability to adapt and improve its systems or repair from practically nothing, Nimrod is a terrifying foe.

Mark II Nimrod UR Stats
Mark II Nimrod (UR)