REAL NAME: Anna Marie Rankin

1st APPEARANCE: The Avengers Annual #10 (1981)

BIO: Emblematic of her passionate, fiery personality, young Anna Marie Rankin's mutant powers ignited when she first kissed her childhood sweetheart as a teenager. Sadly, her ability to absorb the minds and abilities of people she contacts left the boy in a coma for life, and set Anna on the run. While she's often thought of her gift as a terrible curse, it has made her one of the most dangerous and potentially powerful mutants alive.

STATUS: With anti-mutant forces bearing down on Hope from all sides, bent on assassination, she was entrusted to Rogue for protection. The two went on the run, but not before Rogue borrowed the cumulative powers of the entire X-Men Alpha team - powers that barely enabled her to survive a direct confrontation with Bastion.

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