1st APPEARANCE: X-Men #129 (1979)

BIO: Born in Boston to wealthy but abusive parents, Emma grew up to become the White Queen of the nefarious Hellfire Club. However, after turning over a new leaf, Emma joined the X-Men and became one of Xavier's most trusted senior staff members. A telepathic mutant with the ability to transform her body into organic diamond, Emma's role evolved into that of Cyclops' lover, and second-in-command.

STATUS: When Sinister's Marauders made a play for the mutant messiah, Emma led a team to fight it out with them on Muir Island. In the all-out melee that ensued, she staved off the Marauder's most powerful asset, Exodus - until the field was dramatically changed by a rampaging Predator X.

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Emma Frost ER